Software to control your business calls

Platform that will allow the person who is taking the calls to maintain you updated via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, SMS or Virtuana app to you and to all your team of your company.

Packages for all sizes

You don’t know who is calling? Are you losing calls without being notified? Are you tired of spam or sales calls?  These are common scenarios.  With Virtuana receptionist software you or your team can be informed and reminded about important calls.  Your receptionist will have the tools to maintain you informed all the time.

  • Notifications to you or your team via whatsapp, sms, facebook messenger and via Virtuana’s app.
  • Notifications can be customized to do not interrupt you in important times via Virtuana’s app
  • All calls received you can review them later on via Virtuana’s app
  • Monthly reports of calls
  • Reports of calls by departments or personnel
  • Easily add tags to each call for later reports
  • Mark sales call for further follow up

Just some of the many features

Live call answering

Live virtual receptionist services help take care of your customers when you need it most—at the first point of contact.


You can customize your notifications. Once a call is received you can receive notifications via SMS, Facebook messenger, whatsapp and via Virtuana's app.

Call forwarding and screening

With Virtuana's call screening and call forwarding service, each one of your telephone calls is screened and routed by a friendly live virtual receptionist. The call can then be forwarded to any employee in the company or to any phone number of your choice, business or personal.

Voicemail management

With this included feature of our professional business voicemail service, you are able to get your voicemails as digital files in your email or via Virtuana's site.

Appointment Scheduling

Virtuana live receptionists are proficient in many widely-used calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook, and are here to schedule all your appointments in real-time using a virtual appointment scheduling system.

Outbound calling

We can expertly handle all outbound calling duties, such as lead generation calls, outbound appointment scheduling, follow-up calls, surveys and market research, subscription renewals and sales, and third-party verification services. All outbound calling is carried out by a professional virtual personal assistant who is trained on the specifics of your business.

Order processing

We can also be trained to take orders from callers using any platform you use to run your business. We can log into your platform and assist your customers. For example, with e-commerce we can help to gather payment information from customers and submit shipment and billing address information, along with directly processing returns or looking up invoices within your specific commerce solution.

Bilingual receptionists

Communication is the basis of all relationships. And businesses thrive on relationships. Virtuana bilingual receptionists provide a friendly voice on the other end of the phone that can accommodate customers who prefer to communicate in Spanish, English or French.

Is Virtuana right for your business?

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